James’ Writings on Mass Incarceration

James has written extensively for Truthout on these issues:

Find his Truthout articles here.

He has written a number of articles for Counterpunch as well. Here are the links:

The Repackaging of Mass Incarceration,  June 6, 2014,

Security Giant Admits $38 Million Fraud  11/22/13

Myth of Prison Slave Labor Camps in the U.S.    8/9/13

The Terrifying World of Electronic Monitoring   8/23/13

A Blow Against the Prison Industrial Complex (GEO Group loses stadium naming rights in Florida)  11/29/12

Business is Booming for the Prison Profiteers   1/9/12

The New Operation Wetback  8/4/11

For links to his other writings:


After the Marikana Massacre  1/14/13

The Politics of Theft – Economic Inequality and the Forgotten Work Force  Summer 2012
Jon Yount: A Man Transformed (with Teresa Barnes)  6/6/12

Writings on Electronic Monitoring:

“Progress or more of the same? Electronic monitoring and parole in the age of mass incarceration,”(full pdf) Critical Criminology, November, available at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10612-012-9165-0 

“The Rise of Electronic Monitoring in the Criminal Justice System” Counterpunch, April 30 at:  http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/04/30/the-rise-of-electronic-monitoring-in-criminal-justice/

Dissent article on EM 2012: “Would you like an ankle bracelet with that?”  Dissent magazine Winter 2012

“Electronic Monitoring: Some Causes for ConcernPrison Legal News 2012

Visit my website on electronic monitoring: voiceofthemonitored.com

Further writings on mass incarceration:

Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict and World Order   “Confronting Prison Slave Labor Camps and Other Myths”     August 28, 2013

Labor Studies Journal 37:4  December 2012 – Mass Incarceration and Working Class Interests: Which Side Are the Unions On?

Beyond the ‘New Jim Crow’: Talk at University of Wyoming Law School, Feb. 2013

Review of The New Jim Crow and Texas Tough-Against the Current 2012

Articles on Teaching in Prison

Bringing Freire behind the walls Radical Teacher 90 May 2011

Teaching Globalization to My Fellow Prisoners-Radical Teacher May 2013

Unpublished Reflections on Writing

My writing evolution-James Kilgore

James’ Prison Poems

Not So Serious-A Poetry Collection